Seventeen Dogs Rescued in Florida Dog Fighting Bust

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Apopka, Florida 26 people have been arrested in a major dog fighting ring leaving many animals seriously injured.

Police also found two children at the home, watching the fights with their parents.  The kids have been released to their grandparents.

Police were disgusted when they walked into the backyard of the home to find a 25 to 40 people actually watching a violent and bloody dog fight match going on at around 9:30pm Tuesday.

The people scattered when the police showed up to avoid being caught.  However, police used dogs to catch most of the spectators according to police spokesperson Sgt. Kim Walsh.

There were about 17 dogs rescued, mostly Pit bulls, were recovered from the scene.  Many of the dogs were badly injured, and had to be carried out on stretchers according to officers on the scene.

Officer Walsh said these people thought of dog fighting as a sport.  They would travel to different places to host their matches, and bet money on each fight.

“The rest of us would consider this cruel and inhumane,” said Walsh.

No names have yet been released.  According to Walsh and other police officials, this dog fighting group has been under investigation for some time now.

This story and investigation are ongoing.

12 thoughts on “Seventeen Dogs Rescued in Florida Dog Fighting Bust”

    • You, Anonymous, are a MORON! Cruelty is not a characteristic of any one race or ethnic group. All too sadly, cruelty, like greed, is a character flaw affecting all humans!

  1. These people are sick and are cowards, race does not matter. I wish they would be put in a ring to fight to the death themselves but then I am sure they would all all cower in a corner. The one sentence I appreciated in this story is that the police used dogs to round these criminals up.

    • I liked the irony of that one too. I hope all of the dogs are able to recover from their injuries and adopted out.

  2. I am so sorry for these poor dogs. I’m hoping they are able to be placed in loving homes, and the idiots that do such things as dog fighting spend a lot of time behind bars. They obviously have no love or affection for animals. These people are vile, disgusting sub humans.

    • Because collies have longer coats and those coats will start matting. Collies aren’t bred to be human friendly in all circumstances. Ask a dog fighter and they’d rather be in a ring with pitbulls than any other dog breed because those other dog breeds will most likely bite them while in a dog fight.

      Imagine all those abused dogs on a chain, they will most likely snap at their owners. When it comes to pitbulls, they take a beating without biting back. They were bred to be human friendly no matter what.

  3. It’s sooo disgusting and inhumane, not a sport. People should not make dog suffer for personal pleasure. And the worst is having those poor young ones having to be put through watching something terrible people would do. And that is not setting a good example for them. I’m glad they live w/ their grandparents, who will raise them properly as children should be raised. And I’m glad those dogs do not have to fight anymore. It’s really disgusting and sad that people think dogs harming each other and cheering them on a “sport”. It’x cruelty. I’m glad some of the People who started it, and the spectators were arrested, because the spectators watching it were just as responsible.
    I’m an animal lover, and it makes me mad of the cruel things people do to those whom they depend on for protection, instead harm them. Young children depend on their guardians for protection, as do dogs or any pet for that matter. People who do such things are very sick and have no business for dog/pet ownership, or raising a child/children. I also watch Animal Cops and support and agree w/ what they do, getting animals out of harms way, and seeking justice. I’ve also been a dog owner for many years. dog Fighting also makes God angry, as He did not make dogs and animals for that. It must break His heart, so one way or another, people who do things like that will answer to Him.

  4. Horrible. As far as the children, sorry to point out the grandparents already raised a loser . No hope for them. The dogs however I hope they find loving homes.

  5. Has nothing to do with race stupidity comes in all colors shapes and sizes what the bad thing is these poor dogs endured this and an ongoing investigation my God bless these fur babies to find good homes and be the loving sweet creatures god intended and pray the children don’t turn out like their parents


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