She Was Saved Once – Now She Must Be Saved Again

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This comes from Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs, which helps save the lives of dogs in New York City.

Isa was found tethered in a building with a very heavy chain. Police brought her here and it was clear that she makes friends quickly as she was trying to climb into one of the officer’s laps (she didn’t quite fit), giving him kisses. She has soft wiggly body, wagging tail, and open mouth during handling (scan, collar, switching leashes, pictures, petting). She quietly investigated the room, checking in with me often, and eventually lying by my feet as she waited.

During Isa’s relief walk, she sought attention by jumping up and grabbing onto the Assistant’s side. Upon entering the assessment room, Isa immediately began to growl at the Assessor. She growled louder when the Assessor placed the food bowl on the floor. For safety reasons, this SAFER assessment was terminated. It appears Isa’s reactivity was focused solely on the Assessor for a reason we cannot pinpoint.

The following day a SAFER assessment was conducted with a different team to try to explore this behavior. Isa was social with the Assistant and with the Assessor. She sought to be close to the Assessor throughout the evaluation, remained extremely soft, and was easy to position. Her demeanor changed during the resource portion: as soon as the assessor reached in to move the food bowl, Isa growled while eating faster; she did not engage with the toy but as soon as the assessor stepped toward her she stood squarely over the toy and raised her lip at the assess-a-hand; the same happened with the rawhide.

Isa has been extremely friendly and social with nearly everyone she has met in the care center, and she has been a rock star with other dogs off-leash, consistent and tolerant with a variety of different dogs. But the potential for guarding behavior seen during SAFER, along with her anomalous reaction to one staff member causes us to feel that placement with a New Hope partner who can follow up on this behavior in a stable home environment and can provide any behavior modification that Isa may need before placement into a permanent home.


Food aggression aside, Isa is a total sweetheart, and could be retrained with the right person.  She was rescued once – will she be saved again?  She only has until this afternoon.  Please save her life today!  If you would like to adopt Isa or any of the other death row dogs at NYC ACC, please email [email protected].


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