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16 Cute And Adorable Thanksgiving Dog Photos

by Alison Page

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Your Thanksgiving celebrations wouldn’t be the same without having your furry friend join in the fun!

Kitting your dog out in a cute costume makes for many happy Thanksgiving images you and your family can treasure. But picking a suitable outfit for your pup can be tricky, so we’ve compiled this list to provide you with plenty of inspiration for perfect Thanksgiving dog pictures.

16 Cute and Adorable Thanksgiving Dog Photos

Without further ado, here are 16 cute and adorable happy Thanksgiving dog photos guaranteed to make you smile!

1. Thankful Pups!

These three thankful pups from rescue centers are so grateful for your help; they couldn’t resist dressing up and telling the world!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs0

2. Pilgrim Pups

These two pilgrims look delighted to share Thanksgiving with their human family, although we don’t know for how long they kept those fabulous costumes on!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs2

3. Veganese

Of course, there’s no such thing as a vegan dog! But these meat-eaters obviously belong to a human with a sense of humor!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs3

4. Harvest Time

The whole pet family joins in with the Thanksgiving feast preparations in this picture. But wait! There should be a turkey in that photo – surely Fido and Tibbles didn’t get there first!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs4

5. Service, Please!

This little Pug is ready for his turkey dinner! Of course, Pugs can eat poultry, but be sure you don’t feed your pet turkey or chicken bones. Dogs can choke on bones or even require surgery to remove bone splinters from their intestines.

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs5

6. Say what?!

This beautiful German Shepherd is wearing a quizzical expression. Perhaps someone just told him the turkey has escaped!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs6

7. Guilty As Charged!

Oh, dear. This cute collie has confessed to sampling this year’s pumpkin pie. I’ll pass, thanks.

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs7

8. Turkey Thief

This little puppy has surely bitten off more than he can chew!

Fortunately, it looks like this little guy’s human family already had their Thanksgiving meal. Anyway, no one could get angry with that sweet face.

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs8

9. He’s A Turkey!

Wow! That’s a hat no self-respecting pup would wear unless he was bribed with a bowl of the real thing first!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs9

10. Patience Is A Virtue

This handsome dude is waiting patiently for his share of that huge turkey.

Now, surely there’s far too much tasty meat there for the human guests? “Can I help out?” he seems to say.

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs10

11. Thirsty Work

Now, with that fantastic costume, this cute Pug is surely the winner of this year’s Thanksgiving fancy dress competition, although he looks more like a cockerel than a turkey to us.

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs11

12. Paws For Thought

What a fabulous greeting from this veterinary center! All their patients look happy and healthy in this pic, which is just as it should be.

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs12

13. Don’t Get Caught!

This cheeky Schnauzer is praying he doesn’t get caught tucking into his family’s Thanksgiving feast!

Although you can give your dog some lean turkey meat, don’t let him gobble up the skin, as the oil and grease it contains could upset his digestion and make him sick.

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs13

14. All Together Now

You can tell that everyone in this group photo is looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Young or old, feline or canine, all these furry friends are hungry and ready for a massive meal. Just don’t eat the grapes, guys; that’s forbidden fruit for you!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs14

15. Pumpkin Pie, Anyone?

A slice of good old-fashioned pumpkin pie might not be to everyone’s taste, but this adorable Golden retriever can’t wait to tuck into his share!

In fact, adding a little pumpkin to your dog’s daily diet has health benefits, including adding fiber to promote good digestive health. And it’s great for cats, too, although my two kitties would definitely draw the line at veggie foods!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs15

16. Pugmania!

This charming picture shows a whole extended family of Pugs sitting down to their Thanksgiving meal. However, we reckon this image had a little help from Photoshop!

11.27.14 - Thanksgiving Dogs16

Final Thoughts

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The Thanksgiving Holiday is a time for celebration and eating lots of delicious food! Although your dog loves to join in the fun, take care that he doesn’t get too much of a good thing and overeat.

Some large dog breeds can suffer from a dangerous condition called bloat that can be triggered by overeating. In addition, many human foods, including chocolate, raisins, and grapes, are highly toxic to dogs. So, I usually give my dog a little lean turkey (not the greasy skin) on Thanksgiving. But of course, my advice is to stick to giving your pet canine treats, not human ones!

Do you have a funny story about your dog at Thanksgiving? Tell us in the comments box below!

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