Shelter Dog Almost Put Down for Being “Too Scary”

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One should never be too quick to judge a book by the cover, the same way a dog should never be judged simply on how they look.  That almost happened to Loki, a Neapolitan mastiff picked up and taken to the Manhattan Animal Care Center (ACC).  Loki’s very large size and weight, made people think he was scary or aggressive, and he almost lost his life for it.

Being afraid of his size, the animal control officers that were called in to get him used a dart to sedate him.  After he was knocked out, they gathered him up and took him away.  Only two short days after arriving, before anyone had any interactions with him at all, he was put on a short list of dos to be euthanized.

Lucky for Loki, his former human found out about this giant, scary dog that the ACC had.  He stepped in immediately to defend the dog.  He told them of how much he loves people, especially kids, and even gets along with cats that are willing to get along with him.  He wanted to make absolutely clear that Loki defines the term “gentile giant.”  In fact, had Loki’s human not been evicted, and forced into a situation that refused to allow him his dog, Loki would still be living with him!

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Loki may have been spared a terrible fate, however things at the shelter didn’t get any easier for him.  He still received little human interaction, and despite having someone vouch for him, many people were still afraid of him.

Someone that is with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, and knew if they didn’t do something fast, Loki might still meet an awful end.  They went to the animal care shelter, and took him out of there.

“At first, upon meeting him, he is quite intimidating due to his size, and you can see he’s emaciated and should be at least an additional 50 pounds,” said Stacey Silverstein of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC in an interview with The Dodo.  “Honestly I was a little intimidated myself but quickly he won me over.”

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Loki continues to win folks over with his nature.  As soon as someone was able to get over his size and look, they found a loving and gentile cuddle-bug, who just wants to make his humans happy.  Well, that and a big juicy snack every now and again!  We imagine that a dog that size can eat!

“He’s just a huge baby who loves hugs, belly rubs and to be petted,” Silverstein said.

This past Monday, what the ACC though was impossible, actually happened.  As one could imagine, as soon as Loki’s story hit the internet, offers to adopt him came pouring in.  However, even though many people wanted to bring Loki into their home, only one family could be chosen, and now Loki resides with them.  His new family loves him very much, and admit that he may be a very big dog, but his heart is much bigger!

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145 thoughts on “Shelter Dog Almost Put Down for Being “Too Scary””

  1. I’m all in favor of rescues (we have three). But do you mean by “gentile” that the dog was not Jewish? I think you’re attempting to convey “gentle”–as in “gentle giant.” Please use proper English when WRITING!!!

  2. To be fair, when sites like this post images beyond terrifying it is almost like raping your empathy. NOTHING like this needs to be a lead in picture. It is far, far above and beyond making a point! I have three dogs who all came to me because someone else didn’t want them. I’ve had 5 in all; one ended up with my brother who has a kennel, fenced land in the country and experience. His name is Rocky. He is another people just dropped off at my house because they were moving like a mile away. He was a 5 month old puppy, very healthy, very VERY active and because of how much he already weighed took a lot of time acclimating to the other four dogs. The only one who could deal with him was a German Shorthair Pointer – not a heavy dog but tall and he just laid on Rocky and smashed Rocky’s head down into the carpet with his chin. Rocky had a tick-toc in him. I am a serious dog person. I know every single sign any of the three of my current dogs display means – every one. Rocky had a tick-toc. Everyone said Nah….he’s just playing. I relocated to a very hot climate with is tough on bigger dogs with full coats too boot. Within 6 months, Rocky was a 1 1/2 and his tick ‘tocked’ Fortunately for all of us My brother also knows every single sign and instinctively when it is a sign that is out of the norm. It came, it was focused on my Brother, my Brother went with the upward motion continued it up over he head and slammed Rocky to the ground. With two feet just touching Rocky he held him on the ground; one foot over his jowls and the other over his back legs. When Rocky wanted to get up it was NOPE – Not Yet BigBoy. It’s been 3 years since and BigBoy (had to change the name you know) hasn’t ticked since then. My point in all of this is 1) people who really love dogs are very tuned to their idiosyncrasies almost immediately. For SO many people NOT to recognize that the shar pei mix was a gentle dog is alarming. They are the professionals….. Then to think it is OKAY to splatter all over an ad the backbone and head of a small dog would ever be ok? Ever? There are SO Many Ways To Get The Point Across. I’ve looked at half a dozen stories before this one; were I in any of those areas and I thought they would be a fit for my family I’d have gone knocking. I do not need a HORROR picture to do that. Not to mention the post of the black dog who’s face was so disastrously destroyed………WHY PEOPLE!!! WHY Post the MOST Horrible picture you can. YOU could have taken pictures of both of these dogs where they still looked seriously harmed without gore. It’s not right and I’ll never look at your

  3. What a sweetie he is! One thing, though: He was twice referred to as a “gentile giant”. So that’s opposed to what, a Jewish giant?


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