Shelter dog survives night lost in a blizzard

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Janie, a shelter dog, spent a scary night outside during a blizzard in December when she slipped out of her collar while out for a walk.

Janie, a basset hound, has lived at the Dogs Forever Shelter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for about a year. A volunteer was taking her for a walk when Janie managed to slip out of her collar and run off right before a blizzard rolled through. Volunteers were unable to find Janie before the storm hit and Janie had to spend the night in the cold and snowy conditions.

The next day volunteers finally found Janie in the snow. She had sustained serious injuries to her stomach and one ear.  Volunteers rushed her to the vet who attributed her large abdominal wound to being hit by a car. “She initially had surgery to close up the wound on her side, we were kind of in a wait and see mode on her ear,” said Janie’s foster mom Michele Means. “We weren’t sure how much damage had been done by the frost bite.” Janie has had to have around the clock care but she is doing much better.

Janie will still need to have another surgery to remove her severely damaged ear canal. Janie’s medical bills have already reached $2,000. Means says that it is well worth it though, “helping animals that can’t help themselves, or anyone, people, children, is a rewarding thing to do.”

Those wishing to help with Janie’s expenses can make a donation at the Dogs Forever website or send a check to the following address:


Dogs Forever

2512 Davenport Avenue

Oxford Junction, IA 52323

1 thought on “Shelter dog survives night lost in a blizzard”

  1. What a beautiful girl. How sad that she has spent a year in a shelter. I own a basset hound and I can say hands down, of all the dogs that I own now and HAVE owned, a basset hound is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever had. They are wonderful with children. I hope she gets well and finds a forever family to love her.
    People just don’t look at bassets because they look “odd” or appear lazy and that is quite the opposite.
    I volunteered at my local shelter and absolutely fell in love with my girl.
    If she could wrap her arms around me and hug me, believe me, she would.


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