Sheltered: The Series

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Coming soon: an exclusive series that any animal lover will find compelling. Sheltered will debut with our audience, and will soon find a larger one: this gritty, hard-hitting look at life as a county vet had us hooked in under a minute.

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32 thoughts on “Sheltered: The Series”

  1. Wow, that is really moving. I worked for a very limited time in a county run animal shelter and it is not something for the faint of heart. After working as a vet tech for many years I thought I could handle it- NOT. It’s tough and emotionally draining work and I commend and admire those who are able to work at it day in and out.

  2. Looks like the show will be great!! Hopefully it will open people’s hearts to adopting and not buying from breeders. I know I’ll be an emotional wreck though while watching!!


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