Deaf Dog and Companion Need New Home

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We’ve happened upon another special adoption case – or in this case, cases. Pebbles & Josie need help. They need to stay together. This bonded pair share a unique partnership, and separating them could be potentially devastating. Why? Because Pebbles is deaf, and relies on her companion in times of uncertainty. It’s hard to imagine anything more uncertain for a dog than a shelter stay – they cannot comprehend the circumstances. From that perspective, it’s easy to understand why we would love to see these girls go home together, sooner than later.

Their listing details are as follows:

PEBBLES - 2006-10-20 Blue Heeler X-Spayed Female 45 lbs

Pebbles is sad. Her owners could no longer keep her when the bad economy caught up with them and she and her best friend, Josie, were turned into a kill shelter. Because of her age..only 5.. and her deafness, she was not a likely candidate for adoption. However, staff loved her and asked us to help. We gladly took this wonderful girl and her companion, Josie. She’s a Blue Heeler, absolutely beautiful, knows hand signals, is housebroken and friendly with everyone. She is a little camera shy but not shy in any other way. If you’re looking for a perfect lady, Pebbles is anxiously awaiting your visit.



JOSIE - 2007-10-20 Lab/Greyhound-Spayed Female 45 lbs

This wonderful girl has so many special qualities it would take a book to list them all. Josie is not only beautiful with her tan and white coat, she’s very smart, housebroken and friendly with everyone. Her owners turned her and her BFF, Pebbles, into a kill shelter when they were forced to move from their home. Both of these incredible girls have always known a home and are so lost without one. They must go together so Josie can continue to lead Pebbles, who is deaf. This pair is a made to order family for someone lucky enough to adopt them. Josie is so much fun, only 4 years old, very sweet and ready for you to give her another chance at love.

Attributes: Blonde, Beautiful and Best Freind Forever!


To adopt or learn more about Pebbles & Josie, please visit the Humane Society of Fairfax County, VA

44 thoughts on “Deaf Dog and Companion Need New Home”

  1. These are the stories that break my heart. I cannot adopt them but I will share this in hopes someone will see this and come forth.

  2. I can see where someone could become an animal hoarder. I would love to adopt every dog on here that needs a home. Dogs are absolutely awesome.

  3. Mmk… I dont normally do this but… I was homless for about two years, bouncing around..sometimes sleeping in my car… The money had went to caring for my dogs…. So I dnt understand nor accept that because of this, surrender to a kill shelter…. I have home now but what pushed me to keep going were my dogs… some people fold and give up while people like me were born to fight. I dont get it nor do I want too. I pray these two beautiful yet confused babies find a home tbat will value and honor them as a family member.


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