“Shooting Star” by Sinthya Somorra

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The Mayor’s Alliance has just released this independently produced video that recaps Star’s story for an appeal to the public to encourage the NYPD to change their practices toward animals.

The mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals gives this introduction to the video:
Star was shot by an NYPD officer in August 2012 while trying to protect her owner, a homeless man who had passed out on the street, as police approached him. She suffered soft tissue, bone, neurological, and eye damage from the gunshot to her mouth.

She was brought to Animal Care & Control of NYC, which took care of her during the required waiting period. Her owner relinquished her to AC&C, at which point Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists was able to perform the necessary surgeries to remove her damaged left eye, remove metal fragments, and reconstruct the bone and soft tissue injuries to her head. The surgeries were paid for by a generous donation to AC&C’s STAR Fund (name unrelated to Star’s name). When she had recovered from surgery, she was transferred to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, which transported her on its Wheels of Hope van to a rehab facility, where she will live until she is fully healed and ready for adoption. The Lexus Project assisted in Star’s excellent care.


To pitch in toward Star’s rehab care, make a secure online donation and mention “Star Recovery Fund” in the designation: http://www.AnimalAllianceNYC.org/donate. Thank you for your generosity!

Video produced independently by Sinthya Somorra. Thanks, Sinthya, for your dedication to Star’s cause!

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Wheels of Hope of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C)

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists

The Lexus Project



9 thoughts on ““Shooting Star” by Sinthya Somorra”

  1. Where I agree that they should not shot to kill, I’m sure she did appear aggressive to the police. I’m glad she made and will have the opportunity to have a good home. Now I want to know about the master. Why had they passed out? and if they were not going to assist him why bother with the dog? As someone else mentioned, all these nice people that helped Star could go one step further and return her to her master. I’m sure both would benefit from the reunion. Back to the master, what group stepped in and offer him assistance to get medical care, a home, food, and a job? That’s sad.

    • Every story has more then one side. Star best interested is not on the streets but in a stable home and please keep in mind she will be special needs.

  2. That was absolutely traumatic to watch..!! the officers involved should be ashamed by there actions..!! Pepper spray would have subdued her enough to call in animal control to remove her..!! Why were they aloud to get away with this Calais act on a animal???? Yes she did seem aggressive but they carry a bat and peeper spray I can’t see how they were only forced to use a gun to deal with the situation… If I was lying in the street I would hope my dogs would be as protective over me as Im sure they would be.!!! I hope star go’s on to live a happy and for filling life and forgets that even happened to her I’am absolutely furious by this story the officer shoot to kill nothing else his decision shoot to kill with that mind frame I wouldn’t want him to be an officer where I lived..!!!!

  3. As vezes, e isso tem se tornado mais constante…Quem de fato √© o “animal” ? Tantas outras hist√≥rias como essa, o mundo seria melhor sem que elas acontecessem…

  4. How many times are we going to see this? How many times is a cop going to be allowed to shoot a dog?
    It amazed me that they simply have no compasion whatsoever.
    Why can’t the police departments be better equiped for this situation rather than use a gun? It seems to me that the officer was shooting awfully close to the man in the first place.

    And, why, not let this man have his dog back? Obviously he can’t afford the bet bill but you make him give his dog up and then the vet clinic fixes the dog and then asks for donations? Why can’t the donations go to help this poor man?

    This dog was all this man had and what a loyal dog she was to him – and he can’t keep it?

    There are so many things wrong with this is just pisses me off.
    Sorry. Seems there is a lack of compassion fro many many people here.

    • This will keep happening till we demand changes in all Police Departments across the nation. We need to change policies on how Police need to handle dogs in situations.


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