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Sick Dog Orazio and His Family Needs Your Help

by Fred

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6.10.15 - 11am

Orazio Nelson is a nine-year-old yorkie on a mission.  He’s trying to help his humans be able to pay for his medical bills, which are starting to pile up quite high.  To helps things along, he’s set up a fundraising website where you can read his complete story, and even donate.  For your donation, you’ll also get a really nice shirt for helping out.  To see the original website, you can click here.

Hi, My name is Orazio Nelson.  I am a 9 years old yorkie… yes, I’m the little guy featured on this gorgeous t-shirt (in case you were wondering…).  I’m launching this campaign to help my mum and dad paying for my medical bills which are quite expensive.  They do all that they can to help me but I would like to give a paw.  When I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease and Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Gastroenteritis, a very bad autoimmune illness.  Since then I had a constant need of medical attentions and medicines.  Last year things got really bad.  I went through a metabolic shock and I almost died.  Soon after that I suffered from acute pancreatitis.  I got back on my four paws but since then I needed more constant vet care and medical treatments as the pancreatitis developed into a chronic disease.  In the last two months I had an inflammation of my bile ducts but as soon as I recovered from it an inflammatory thickening of my bowels walls caused by my gastroenteritis got me into troubles again.  I was just about to get well when I was diagnosed diabetes.  I am a fighter and despite all these health problems I’m a happy, playful loving guy with a strong taste for adventure and retro sci-fi.  I love my mum and dad as much as they do and I really want to help them to pay for my med bills but I do need your support. Please buy my great t-shirt!
Much Love and Blessings
Orazio Nelson