Sick Dog Saves Owner from Fire

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Photo Credit: Amy Stanton, Aiken Standard

Ace, a black cocker spaniel, was given only a few weeks to live about a month ago when a tumor was found in his mouth. His fight to live saved his owner’s life when a fire broke out in their home. If Ace hadn’t been there, Matt Viola might not have woken up in time.

About a month before the fire broke out at Viola’s South Carolina home, he took Ace to the veterinarian when he noticed Ace acting strange. What was discovered was a tumor inside Ace’s mouth. Removing the tumor would cause more harm. The veterinarian told Viola that as the tumor grew it would become difficult for Ace to eat. Viola was told Ace had only a few weeks left.

A few weeks came and went and Ace was still there. A fact that very well saved Viola’s life. About a month after the diagnosis Viola had fallen asleep with Ace by his side. Typically a deep sleeper Viola woke up to Ace frantically barking and a house engulfed in flames.

“He went crazy,” said Viola. “When I woke up the room was orange.”

Viola ran out of the home but only his puppy Spades was with him, Ace didn’t follow him out. Viola ran back into the burning home to find Ace scared and hiding underneath the coffee table. He quickly grabbed Ace and brought him safely out of the home. Most of Viola’s belongings were destroyed in the fire, but to him all that mattered was that his two dogs were safe.

“The dogs were the most important thing,” said Viola. “They can’t be replaced, and that’s the only thing I was worried about. I’m very grateful that he (Ace) got out. I would have went from room to room to find him.”

3 thoughts on “Sick Dog Saves Owner from Fire”

  1. What a great story of heroism. I am sorry about Ace’s situation, Have you taken him for a second opinion?

  2. My neighbor’s dog was given 2 months to live after being diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in her mouth. She lived for over 2 years. Wet food only and pain pills made a huge difference. she was happy and energetic until the last few weeks.

  3. Awesome story! My dog Baxter has a tumor in his mouth also, oral canine malignant melanoma and was given 2 months to live last Memorial Weekend, it has been 2 years. I changed his diet to all raw, he takes vitamins and supplements and even had the mass removed once when it was interferring with him eating and he is doing good.

    Get on the internet and read EVERYTHING you can, don’t just take your vet’s advice, (we love our vet) but there are things that do help.

    I know I won’t have him here much longer but I cherish the 2 years that I have had with him.

    Ace is a true hero and there is a reason why he is still here!


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