Un-adoptable Dog Gets Second Chance in Prison

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Photo Credit: Idaho Humane Society

Meela is a border collie that needed a second chance. Her severe behavioral problems made her un-adoptable. A second chance came by spending some time in jail. Meela spent months living with and being trained by an Idaho prisoner.

The Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (I.D.A.P.I.) is a partnership between the Idaho Humane Society, Idaho Correctional Center, and the Idaho Correctional Institutions. Through this program dogs that are in need of training and socialization spend time being trained by prisoners so that they can become adoptable.

For Meela this program gave her a chance at a better life. She now lives with her new family the Andersons. She now sits, fetches and does several tricks. She is well-mannered and behaved. All of it is thanks to an inmate that the Andersons will never know.

For several months Meela lived with and was trained by an Idaho prisoner.

“The dogs are kept with prisoners for about 2 to 3 months,” said Sue Anderson. “They live right in the cell with them.”

The program is beneficial for both the dogs and the inmates. Without proper training dogs like Meela would never be adopted. In many cases they would end up being euthanized. The inmates get to give back to the community by training the dogs and learn a lot in the process.

“I think it’s a second chance,” said Anderson. “For both the dogs and the inmates.”

4 thoughts on “Un-adoptable Dog Gets Second Chance in Prison”

  1. I have heard of this type program on TV, on the Prison shows. They also have some prisons where they allow inmates to live with cats. Those involved say that many inmates have never felt unconditional love until they bonded with their animals. This is so important to an inmate’s self esteem, feelings of making a contribution to another’s life(the animal’s) & maybe for the first time feeling that they have value and worth. The dogs might also never have been loved before. I think every prison should have this program. But inmates must have to prove their dedication to protecting the animal. We sure wouldn’t want to expose an animal to any danger. This program opens hearts and creates positive experiences for humans and animals. I think the inmate and animal create such a profound and deep love for each other, it must break their hearts to say good-bye to each other, when it’s time for them to part.I guess the inmates
    get another dog to help heal their heart and the dog gets a new family to love and be loved by. When inmates get their freedom back(if they do) this also gives them job experience in training dogs. God is in the details of this program, for sure! It is one of the best ideas ever!

  2. I agree that these are excellent programs, and give both the inmates and the pups a sort of redemption. So glad to see that this beautiful girl was given the time and the chance to change – and to get her happy ending!

  3. Thank you inmate, whoever you are. I think you did something great and good helping Meela learn how to behave – now she has a forever home…something she never would have known were it not for you.

    I hope the experience did something good for you too. Best of luck to you.


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