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Six blind puppies celebrate their birthday


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ashlea bellaSix special labs will celebrate their first birthday on November 24th. The six siblings were all born with congenital cataracts and are either partially or fully blind. Ever since they were born their owner has vowed to raise the $25,000 needed for their surgeries so they can see.

The Labrador puppies were supposed to be trained to be guide dogs, but it turned out they were the ones who would need help. When Ashlea Harrower first learned that the six puppies all had varying degrees of congenital cataracts she cried for hours. A veterinarian recommended she put the puppies down, but she was determined to help all of the dogs.

She found homes for the puppies, keeping one for herself and plans to raise the fund necessary for all six puppies to have surgery. Harrower gave up her honeymoon to help contribute to the needed funds. “It seemed unfair that we should go on holiday when our dog can’t even see properly,” Harrower said.

With help from the community so far $6650 has been raised towards the dogs’ surgeries. “These puppies have been through so much and come out strong on the other side but we still have a long way to go,” Harrower said. Bella, Stevie, Marley, Charlie, Willow and Molly will celebrate their first birthday together with a fundraiser to help their cause. Those interested in making a donation to help the six puppies can go to their Give Forward page for more information.