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Sixteen-Year-Old Blind Pet Finds Forever Home

by Katherine

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Cocoa, a 16-year old blind Pekingese from the Pennsylvania SPCA probably thought she would never leave the shelter. She was used to being passed over for younger, healthier pups, and she probably had her heart set on spending the rest of her life hoping someone would give her a second chance in life.

Cocoa and her new owner. Photo Credit: PSPCA
Cocoa and her new owner. Photo Credit: PSPCA

Her second chance came on Feb. 13, 2014, when Theodore and Rachel Reif decided to adopt her.

The decision came after the Reif’s two Pomeranians passed away and the couple knew it was time for them to welcome a new family member. They started their search online and when they came across Cocoa’s online adoption page, they knew they had to adopt her.

“I know she can’t see and that she is old, but she is a doll,” Reif told CBS News. “It’s horrible that an animal would be homeless at age 16. We want to give her the best life we can.”

A Day before Valentine’s Day Theodore Reif traveled from his home in South Philadelphia to the shelter through a strong winter storm. He wanted to pick up his new four-legged family member and let her know she now had a loving forever home.

According to PSPCA CEO Jerry Buckley this is the kind of adoption story that gives all homeless animals and their advocates hope.

“When someone goes the extra mile to welcome an animal like Cocoa into his family, we know it’s meant to be. Reif is a PSPCA hero,” said Buckley.

Thanks to the Reifs, Cocoa won’t ever wonder if she would be loved during the rest of her days.