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Skeletal Dog Rescued just Inches from Death

by Melanie

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12.12.14 - Skeletal Dog Rescued Just Inches from Death3


From Annie Hart:

This is Angel… Angel is a product of the worst parts of humanity.

A friend of Rescue From The Hart named Kay Buell found Angel stumbling down a back road in Palmdale. She couldn’t walk. She kept falling and struggling to stand up. Hundreds of people drove past this dog and did NOTHING. Actually, they swerved around her and kept going. But Kay stopped and she scooped this poor soul up into her arms and carried her to her car.

Then she called me and asked if #RFTH could help Angel. Of course I said, “yes.”

Angel is now at the hospital fighting for her life. She has quite the fight ahead of her. Her temperature was 96 degrees when she arrived at the hospital. When the offered her a tiny bit of food, she threw it back up because her body no longer have the power to digest food. She is receiving blood transfusions to help her body fight. She is beyond emaciated and dehydrated. She literally weighs less than half of what she should. IF her body has the power to fight, Angel will need to remain hospitalized for weeks.

This is not a dog who has been living on the streets and just got this sick. This dog was neglected. No – She was abused by someone. This is cruelty at its worst. It made me physical sick to see Angel’s condition and think about the amount of abuse she went through over the past several months, if not years. It made me angry. I could spit nails, I’m so mad. It’s moments like this that I question everything.

But, as I visited with Angel late last night, I looked into her eyes and I saw a tiny spark. Her spirit is barely there… but I could still feel it and her will to live. And in that moment, my anger softened. Knowing she hadn’t given up gave me hope that we could help this precious soul. So I promised her that we would give her our all and fight for her.

I looked around at the veterinary team and was grateful knowing that Angel was receiving the BEST medical care we could ask for and the BEST team of nurses and caregivers to provide her love. I was grateful to Kay for stopping and helping Angel as she did. And I was grateful knowing that Angel now has a village standing beside her to support her in every way.

On Friday our village saved more than 70 lives… Today, we need your help saving one Angel. She needs a miracle and we need each and every one of our villagers today to help her.

We need you to pray for her. We need you to share this post. And we need donations to help with her medical bills.

So many of you donate regularly to RFTH. Many of you cannot afford to. And others just haven’t found the right time to donate. For those of you who haven’t donated before and have been waiting for the perfect moment, that moment is right now. No amount is too small. Whether it’s $2.00 or $20.00, your contribution will make all the difference as we fight for Angel.

Please visit our website and become a donor to our village today.

And if you cannot donate, please pray for Angel, share this post and help our village fight for our Angel.
(please note that if you are using PayPal to donate, the site is running slowly. If you encounter any issues, you can use our direct PayPal link or choose to donate via credit card. Here’s the direct PayPal link: )

You can also send a check to the address below:
Rescue From The Hart
16209 Victory Blvd #117
Van Nuys, CA 91406



12.12.14 - Skeletal Dog Rescued Just Inches from Death1


ANGEL UPDATE 12.9.14 evening

Greetings villagers. It’s been a long and very busy day and I apologize for the delay in updating you on Angel.

I had a long visit with her this afternoon. Her personality is starting to come out a bit and she’s moving her head and eyes around a lot more. Her spirit is definitely strong, as is her will to live. She even gave us a few tiny kisses.

We were able to stand Angel up for a few moments (we need to keep her muscles moving) and this was the first time I had been able to truly see just how fragile she is. I look at this photo and it shocks me that this is progress from a few days ago… It’s rather horrific to think she was out there on the streets like this. It makes my heart hurt…

As far as her progress – Angel is eating quite well, but still struggling with diarrhea. We’ve added pumpkin to her food and hoping that will help a bit, but we’re also testing her pancreas to see if she has a deficiency that is causing her trouble. Those tests will be back in the next day or so and will help decide the next course of action with diet and medication.

Her blood transfusion is still helping, but we will likely have to do another one on Thursday or Friday.

Overall, Angel is doing a little better every day. She is not out of the woods yet, but as they say, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s too yard.”

As I kissed her goodbye this afternoon, I said the following to her over and over:

You are loved
You are important
And we will fight for you.

Please keep helping us help Angel fight with your love, prayers and shares.

PS- The website is back up again! You can visit us here:


12.12.14 - Skeletal Dog Rescued Just Inches from Death2