Skippy’s Fight for Freedom

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A New Bedford, Mass.  animal shelter is using the help of to Facebook animal lovers in a fight to save a dog from being put to death.

The Freetown board of selectmen voted to euthanize Skippy for biting the one-year-old granddaughter of his owner.

Ruth Marshman and CARE, a shelter that helps troubled animals, have launched a Facebook page called “Free Skippy.” As of midnight February 22nd, the page has nearly 3,000 fans.

“People are outraged over this,” Marshman told reporters. She stressed that the shelter is willing to take Skippy in, neuter him to calm his aggression, and pay the bills at the Lakeville Animal Shelter where the dog is being held.

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34 thoughts on “Skippy’s Fight for Freedom”

  1. Lakeville Animal Shelter is literally 5 minutes from my house – I havent heard anything until now about this.

  2. Two issues at hand here. While I agree that he should be given a fair shot, I still want to know more about what happened. He did bite the child twice. Why was he around the child a second time? This appears to me to be a case of poor dog handling skills. But there is just not enough info on the page or in the article to really understand what happened.If anyone has more info, please post so all can make a well-informed decision.

  3. Unfortunately there are too many people in this world who think of animals as just disposable merchandise and when these people are put in place where they hold the life of an animal in their hands they just opt to put them down. Hopefully such people will one day pay for their evil deeds.

  4. Maxine is so right. Sounds to be very poor dog handling – so why is it HIS fault? How I wish I had the money to have him sent here to Ohio – I would take him in a minute! I pray that someone will come forward to give this lovely animal a chance…..

  5. this is insane, there are people there will to take the dog! Have them sign a release that they won’t sue if anything happens and let the dog live!

  6. There was an update last night – the grandparents admitted the child was only scratched not bitten…please go to the page and read up on it!! The whole thing is a case of neglect on the owners part…the dog has lyme disease which means they didn’t keep up to date on his vaccs, he’s un-neutered, no training, and they left a small child ALONE with a dog…there was second update last night explaining all of this.


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