Skippy’s Fight for Freedom

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A New Bedford, Mass.  animal shelter is using the help of to Facebook animal lovers in a fight to save a dog from being put to death.

The Freetown board of selectmen voted to euthanize Skippy for biting the one-year-old granddaughter of his owner.

Ruth Marshman and CARE, a shelter that helps troubled animals, have launched a Facebook page called “Free Skippy.” As of midnight February 22nd, the page has nearly 3,000 fans.

“People are outraged over this,” Marshman told reporters. She stressed that the shelter is willing to take Skippy in, neuter him to calm his aggression, and pay the bills at the Lakeville Animal Shelter where the dog is being held.

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34 thoughts on “Skippy’s Fight for Freedom”

  1. after reading this article I am still 100% certain he shouldn’t be euthanized however he definitely needs a new home. Clearly the previous one wasn’t a good fit -for many reasons!

  2. ya know after reading the damn politicians comments you have to think – how the hell does a pedophile released back into the ‘neighborhood’ have less problems than a dog that was being antagonized and merely protected itself??? I mean seriously – they’re so worried about a dog who left scratches on a child, but yet they let sex offenders move back into neighborhoods full of children, near schools and daycares etc…does EVERY politician have their head up their butts…honestly!!! Get this dog with an appropriate rescue or family, and go chase an actual criminal and make a damn difference for once!!!

  3. Hopefully the group that wants to rescue this dog knows that just neutering the dog won’t resolve all the problems. I’m sure they have a program or trainer in mind to work on socializing him and whatever behavior modification is needed? Of course, not knowing the circumstances behind what prompted the bite it’s hard to say how much behavior mod he needs or whether it might just be a case of management.

  4. Sadly, Skippy is not an unusual case. I’ve seen many a dog marked for euthanization after the owner claimed the dog bit someone. It’s so sad that they can’t be evaluated first and given the chance at rehabilitation. I hope Skippy can be saved, but I will not be surprised if those who don’t believe in 2nd chances don’t give him one. 🙁

  5. Here we go again! OVERREACTION by “The Freetown board of selectmen.” What kind of title is that anyway? It sounds like some secret society of dog haters who are deciding the fate of other people’s pets with no compassion or clearly any personal animal experience. Sometimes dogs bite. Wow, what a revelation! Doesn’t mean they are incapable of becoming safe family companions. What do these people want? all dogs toothless and unable to express frustration? We all know that some temperaments require special owners who know how to work with less laid back dogs. Maybe the child pulled his ears constantly and as is common with long eared dogs this dog has reoccurring ear infections that make his ears sensitive. We don’t know what happened but this is clearly an extreme response to a single infraction. Are they suggesting we euthanize every dog that refuses to tolerate every condition they are faced with? One of my dogs growls when he talks and to a stranger it sounds really intimidating, but, he is a big baby and this is how he communicates with me. I know this about him, but someone else could witness this and suggest he is dangerous. When are we going to stand up and declare “we are not going to tolerate anymore mindless labeling of dog behavior” without conducting a real investigation of events that led to the “incident.”

  6. It’s ok folks….we saved him! Skippy is now in good hands and will be properly trained and neutered. AND DON’T YOU WORRY…he is NEVER going to be sent back to the shelter or anywhere else until he has found a new home where he is loved and cared for like he should be. You can bet on that!


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