Smokey Loves Life at Age 17

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17-year-old Smokey was abandoned by her family in the twilight of her life, but thanks to Young at Heart Senior Pet Rescue, she has found joy once more.

After 17 years of providing nothing but love and companionship to her family, Smokey was left at an open-access shelter to die alone.

The arthritic senior girl had to sleep on cold concrete. She was covered in fleas, super filthy, had very long nails, and after a week of being in the pound, was having a hard time walking.

After a short time receiving the proper tender loving care, Smokey regained her mobility and her zest for life.

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  1. My baby is 16. I could not bare the thought of anything happening to my sugar let alone abandone her

  2. Yet another reason why I choose not to deal with most humans, there are so many a$$holes like this that “have pets. Those of you that “have pets” are not animal lovers; the animals you have in your houses are just another possession to you, disposablewhenever it’s most convenient to you. You don’t deserve the love and loyalty a dog has for it’s human, that loyalty works both ways, and wouldn’t be broken unless both worlds fell apart. For this jackass I wish only the worst of circumstances, just as they tried to visit on Smokey. “Young at Heart Rescue,” thank you for the work you do, these guys are the most worthy of your help and salvation.

  3. I think it’s so great what young at heart does for senior dogs, you are loving and special people, thank you for caring!

  4. every pet has a right to live just like us right? Then why do we have the right to kill or give away or abandon or abuse the ones that love us unconditionally? We dont . I love my Kyree , more than people. She doesnt lie to me,doesn’t cheat me, doesn’t judge me, for whta i look like, what i make, where i live, she loves me for me. So we should love them all. For they only want to please us be with us, and love us forever.
    There is a special place in HELL for horrid people that abuse the innocent.

  5. The why’s are why not’s need to be judged. There are 10,000 companion animals put down every single day in this country. People need to be held accountable and deserve full judgement.

  6. Although I deplore their abandoning Smokey and know she was lucky to be rescued, her ‘family’ did her a favor. She obviously wasn’t getting the vet care she needed, and probably little attention. I’m so glad she will live out her life in better circumstances!


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