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Car Stolen with Service Dog Inside

by Katherine

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On Saturday, Oct 5th, 2013, Sharen Floyd parked her care in the Valley River Center parking lot in Eugene, Ore., and left her service dog Koda inside while she volunteered by the river. Once she returned to her car an hour later, her dog and the car were no longer in the parking lot.

“Somebody drove me back to where my car was and my car wasn’t there,” Floyd told KVAL News. “All I could think of was, ‘Oh my gosh, Koda!'”

After missing for 3 days, Koda is now safe back home.
After missing for 3 days, Koda is now safe back home.

Floyd called police and reported 5-year-old chocolate lab and her 2010 Honda Fit missing. Cops came to the scene and started to search for Koda and the vehicle.

“Whoever has that car, please take him some place safe so he could come back home,” Floyd said.

Flyers were posted around the park and Floyd hoped someone would contact her telling her the whereabouts of her pet and best friend.

Authorities found Koda and the car, but the discovery happened this past Tuesday, three days after Koda was initially stolen.

According to the KVAL report, the dog and the car were located in the parking lot at Valley River Center on Tuesday night.

Whoever took the car was sensible enough to return Koda unharmed to the same place where they were taken from.

Even though there are no leads on the person(s) who took the pet and vehicle, Floyd is grateful her companion dog is back home with her.

A word of advice to Floyd, don’t ever leave your pet unattended in your car.