SO WRONG! Dog chases Chicken and Pulls Cart

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We know our animals need exercise to be happy, but is strapping a cart for a dog to pull while a bait – a cage chicken – dangles in front of the dog, considered exercise? Let alone humane exercise? To us, this is looks a lot more like animal abuse, for both the dog and the chicken.

The owner of this dog seems very content to have recreated the old horse drawn carriage idea, but instead of a horse he uses a dog. He seems very please to have to do pretty much nothing to get from point A to point B, but we are not happy at all with this.

153 thoughts on “SO WRONG! Dog chases Chicken and Pulls Cart”

  1. The breed of dog combined with the fact that this set up is only a step away from a running mill ( where the dog runs a track around a fixed post while chasing a bait item) makes me think everyone should be more worried about just what this dog is in training for. I’m willing to be my last dollar that this poor dog is in training for his next fight – 🙁


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