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Social Media And Rescue Groups Helping Owners Reunite Dogs With Their Siblings


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lucyIn the age of social media and more involved pet-rescue groups dog owners are now attempting to reconnect their adopted dogs with their littermates with reunion parties.

“When you first say, “I’m having a (reunion) party for my dog,’ peope look at you like you’re that crazy dog lady,” said Allison Rase who recently organized a first birthday party for her rescued pit bull mix Lucy and four of her litter mates. “When you explain it to them, people think it’s cool.” While the idea might sound a little much, it’s a good way to socialize a dog and can have a positive impact on both the dog and their owner.

Jenn Fadal is a pet wellness expert from Tampa, Florida and she says she is seeing more and more clients reuniting their dogs with their littermates. People are able to connect with their dog’s siblings thanks to the help of tools like Facebook and rescue groups. Rachel Mairose of Secondhand Hounds says about nine out of ten people who get their dog from them want to share their contact information with adopters from the same litter.

For Eileen Hill of Minnesota Facebook has allowed her to stay in touch with her black lab Millie’s littermates and their owners. She says for her it’s like a Mommy and Me group. They share pictures, organize playdates and support each other.

For Rase Lucy’s first birthday party is a celebration of the happy ending Lucy and her siblings have had. The litter of puppies was almost euthanized at a crowded shelter after being found motherless on the side of a highway. Now the puppies all have happy, loving families and when they get together the happiness and love is apparent. “We are all different,” said Suzanne Berg who adopted Lucy’s brother Sonny. “But we all love our dogs the same.”