Man Rescues Dog Left Tied To Drown In A Creek

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When Wyatt Erb spotted a lab mix tied to a rock and left to drown in a creek, he quickly took action and saved the dog.

Saturday Wyatt Erb was out for a walk with his wife near Neshaminy Creek in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania when they spotted a lab mix that was tied to a rock in the creek. “The leash was actually hooked to a stone in the ground,” said Erb. “It’s not something the dog could have done by itself.” Erb quickly came to the dog’s rescue and freed the dog.

Sergeant Thomas Gaffney of the Bristol Police Department says Erb saved the dog’s life. “She would have drowned more than likely if the water got high enough,” said Gaffney. The dog had signs of suffering years of abuse. She had a tumor on her hind leg and was never treated, an eye infection and was very emaciated. She is believed to be between 8 and 11 years of age and will be available for adoption through the Bucks County SPCA later this week.

Gaffney hopes to find the owner and charge them with as much as the law will allow. He knows that if the owner has no previous animal cruelty charges it’s likely they’d only receive a fine, but he doesn’t believe that’s enough. “You could adopt it or humanely euthanize it,” said Gaffney. “You can do many other things but to do what the person did makes no sense.”

7 thoughts on “Man Rescues Dog Left Tied To Drown In A Creek”

  1. We, as a human race, are totally disgusting at times. How anyone could do this to a sweet old dog is beyond belief. Suffering years of abuse wasn’t enough. They had to tie her to a rock to drown as the water rose. I wish the punishment for these acts was the same for the low life humans who do them.

  2. who even thinks of doing this??!! hey what do you want to do w mitzy? take her to the shlter and see if someone can adopt her? see if we can find someone we know who wants her? NAHHH LETS TIE HER TO THAT ROACK IN THE CREEK DOWN THE ROAD. what a dumb *#@

  3. I have a girl who looks just like her! I found her in a southwestern PA bar parking lot back in 2003. She was in bad shape too… Makes you wonder. So glad the poor girl was found! She deserves to live her golden years out happy, healthy, and loved!

  4. Please keep us updated on this dog….I live in PA and would adopt her in a heartbeat, though I suspect she will have no shortage of offers.

    And if someone should accidentally shoot her owner between the legs, why that would suit me just fine.

  5. Cheryl F – I like your resolution – wish I could be the one to do so….scum that perpetrate such on helpless creatures only deserve the finest of retribution.


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