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Social Media Saves Dog from Poisoning


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winnieMany dog owners are aware of the danger some human foods like chocolate pose to our dogs, but there are several other foods that aren’t as commonly known as threats. When a Cape Cod family posted a photo of their dog, Winnie, on Facebook after she ate several onions it saved her life. Unaware of the danger of onions, a friend commented on the photo alerting them to the danger Winnie was in.

Winnie, a St. Bernard-Anatolian Shepherd mix, is known for eating just about anything. When the pup got into a two pound bag of frozen onion rings she was in serious danger and her owners didn’t know it.

Winnie’s owner, Kyle Bowser, didn’t think too much of the incident. Her husband posted a photo of Winnie looking guilty afterward, and that very well saved her life. A friend commented on the photo warning the Bowsers that onions are toxic to dogs.

The Bowsers rushed Winnie to the veterinarian where they induced vomiting Winnie is doing well now thanks to social media.

Winnie’s vet trip has earned her recognition. She is now a finalist for the Hambone Award, which recognizes the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year. If Winnie wins her vet, the Hyannis Animal Hospital, would win $10,000 to be used towards procedures for pet owners who can’t afford them. Voting for the award continues until Friday October 11th and can be done online at

While Winnie’s story has a happy ending, there are many dog owners who just like the Bowsers aren’t aware of all the foods that are dangerous to our pets. The ASPCA has an Animal Poison Control that is available to help inform pet owners. Their website has lots of useful information on what foods and plants are dangerous to your dog. In case of an emergency they can be reached at (888)426-4435.