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Soldier Saves Homeless Dog

by Fred

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9.5.15 - Struggle

While training out of state, Lt. Jon Eaton came across a pit bull that was homeless, and badly in need of rescue.  Close to death when he came across the dog at the gates of Camp Shelby in Mississippi, Lt. Eaton knew he had to help out.

“Saw him laying by one of the trucks.  Looked half dead.  Came back about a half hour later, and he was actually up making friends with the gate guards,” said Lt. Eaton.

He gave the dog the name Struggle, which seems to be appropriate.  Right from the get go, Struggle almost didn’t make it.

“Getting ready to leave, and a guy actually ran him over while we were at the gate,” said Lt. Eaton.

He decided that he was going to take care of Struggle, pay for his medical bills and see him back in good health.  It was something he just knew was the right thing to do.

“Because nobody else did. I don’t know. That’s just the way I am,” said Lt. Eaton.

Lt. Eaton got a hold of Heather Williams, who is the president of Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Mississippi.  She is going to work on finding a forever home for Struggle.

“Don’t assume somebody else is helping the animals.  If you see an animal in need, you’re that person,” she said.  “There’s way more animals in need than people willing to help.”

Lt. Eaton wanted to bring Struggle back to Fort Bragg with him, but couldn’t afford it.  For now, Struggle is with Williams, and still looking for a home.