SPCA Removed Service Dog from Blind Man for Neglect

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Crosby Ford, a blind man from Buffalo, NY, has had his service dog removed from his property by the local SPCA.  They say they have asked Ford repeatedly to build an outdoor shelter for Jasper, his service dog, but he has refused.  They simply couldn’t allow the neglect that they and neighbors have seen to continue.

“It’s like I’m stuck,” Ford said. “That ain’t the way you do a person. They’re supposed to rescue animals not take them from me.”

Ford says that for over two years now he’s been targeted by the SPCA.  He admits that they have come out to talk to him about his care for Jasper more than a dozen times, asking him to install a dog house for Jasper.  However, for whatever reasons, Ford has continuously declined to do so.

The SPCA finally removed Jasper from the property, and left a notice of what happened.  Gina Browning with the Erie County SPCA said they had no other choices in the matter.

“Unfortunately, we found ourselves in a situation where if we don’t remove the animal, we don’t think anything will be done to protect the animal,” said Browning.

Browning also said they are not in the business of removing service dogs from people with no reason.  She also said failure to protect the dog against what can be fierce winter conditions in Buffalo is tantamount to neglect and abuse.

“We are facing another winter now and we know that each year it is harder on the animal,” Browning said.

Ford and his wife are trying to say there is no real way for them to put up the dog house on the property.  They rent, and do not believe they would be allowed to build it by the property owners, nor do they believe the dog would actually stay in the dog house.

The SPCA says they are holding Jasper until wither a good solution for outdoor housing for Jasper is set up, or until another good solution is found.  Ford is not happy with any of this, saying they are making his life more difficult.

So now, it’s a waiting game to see what will happen with Jasper the service dog.

“I want my dog back,” Ford said. “I need that dog; it’s like taking my eyes from me again.”

Ford and his wife are saying they will take the matter to city hall if they have to.

0 thoughts on “SPCA Removed Service Dog from Blind Man for Neglect”

  1. Why in the world is he keeping this dog outside??!!! In Buffalo, NY?!!! Are you freakin’ kidding me???!!! You know what kind of winters they have there??!!! If he can’t keep it inside, he shouldn’t have it!!!!

  2. This man & his wife have no respect for God’s creatures. Jasper is more than a “thing” or a “work dog”. He is a well trained, loving, & faithful companion, who deserves to be treated with respect, compassion, & love. Jasper deserves more than the basic necessities which weren’t being met by this man & his wife. They already neglected one dog which resulted in that dogs death (heat stroke), please do not allow them to kill (MURDER) Jasper.

    The mans sight was taken from him, which is sad, but apparently his “heart” & his compassion for others has been lost some where along the line as well.

  3. If this is truly a service dog, why is it spending so much time outside? I’m sure if the man provides a shelter for the dog, the dog will be returned to him.

  4. If this gentleman has a wife, why do they need the service dog to start. It sounds like they need assisted living instead.

  5. By definition, shouldn’t guide dogs for the blind, or service dogs for disabled, be indoor dogs to assist their owners? This is confusing. Why does the guide dog live outside, especially in winter? And, if only a doghouse was needed to keep the dog, I’m sure someone would have volunteered to make one, or buy one. Sounds like the dog’s owners aren’t doing their due diligence. They don’t know if the landlords will allow one on the property (well, ask!) after many months of being advised to have one built. Claiming ignorance for an extended periods is not valid. Now, it just looks like lame excuses & laziness. Being blind does not give people a pass on being an irresponsible pet owner.

  6. If this is a service dog I see no reason for it to be outside, shouldn’t it be with the person who it is supposed to be helping at all times?


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