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Special Needs Dog in Florida Will Die If Not Adopted

by Amy Drew

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Joey has had many fosters, but never a home of his own.

As a puppy, he was shelter-dumped by his first adoptive family for having too much energy. Staffers there warned the owners that euthanization was a distinct possibility.

That same day, rescue group Destiny for Dogs was on site.

“Their response was, ‘We don’t care!'” the organization’s President/Founder JoAnn Goodrich told us. They immediately took Joey in as one of their own.

It would seem then and there that the tide had turned for Joey, but over time, Joey endured multiple adoption failures and, subsequently, multiple foster home rotations.

One adoption came close, said Goodrich.

“He seemed to be adjusting well. She loved Joey and took him everywhere with her…” Sadly that included a store where she left him in a hot car with the windows closed, then got arrested for shoplifting. “Luckily, the police found Joey in time and he was returned to Destiny.”

Over time it became clear that Joey needed professional help.


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“He has since been under the care of Dr. Lisa Radosta of Florida Veterinary Behavior Service,” Goodrich explained. “Dr. Radosta is one of 69 board certified veterinarian behavioralists in the United States. Joey is monitored monthly as he is on [several medications] to assist with his condition that may be compared to a child or adult with autism.” The facility is located in Palm Beach, FL.

Joey has a chemical imbalance that prevents him from living at a shelter or boarding facility. And he cannot be homed with other dogs. Simply put, while Joey loves to play, he has no “off” switch. He cannot recognize when other dogs no longer want to play. He is easily excited.

“In addition to his medication,” says Goodrich, “Joey receives behavioral modification which is different than the training provided by a dog trainer/behavioralist.” The training helps him cope with his condition, she notes, and he has since improved.

“All of Destiny’s team who have touched Joey are in love with him,” says Goodrich, but dog rescue volunteers are’nt prone to living in one-dog households. Everyone in Destiny for Dogs’ network already has a full house. “The perfect home for Joey would be a quiet adult home, with no other pets or children, someone who would commit to monitoring his meds to ensure that he is chemically balanced. Also, this special someone would need to continue with his behavior modification training.”






Destiny for Dogs has promised Joey that he will never be harmed or neglected again, but they are out of options.

Goodrich explains: “Joey can never go into a boarding or, as some people have recommended, a no-kill shelter, as both would be detrimental to his well-being. He would be tormented and tortured being locked up day after day…. Therefore the only other choice is to set Joey free and send him to the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ where he will be happy, healthy, whole and free of torment, which is what he has experienced in his short life on earth.”

On behalf of the Destiny for Dogs family, she is asking for someone to rescue Joey.

“Please open your heart and home to this special and amazing guy with so much love to give and so much to live for.”

“Joey’s plight really touched us here at Pets for Patriots,” said Executive Director and Founder Beth Zimmerman. “Special needs pets are among those eligible for adoption through our program, and it broke our hearts to know that Joey has never had a home or a human of his own. We hope that by sharing his need he’ll be spared a grim fate, and live the life that every dog deserves.”

To learn more about Joey, or inquire about adoption, visit Pets for Patriots. The organization is onboard with helping Joey find his special forever home.