St. Louis: 10,000 Strays and Counting

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Saint Louis  city health department officials fear that pubic health is at risk due to some 10,000 stray dogs roaming the city. 

Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue, sees parts of the city as a war zone when it comes to abused and neglected or abandoned dogs. “Today alone I’ve seen so much horror.. dead dogs.. one dog left behind locked up in a bedroom cause the house was foreclosed on and it starved to death.”

City residents face fines from $100 to $500 if they do not keep their dog on a leash or in a fenced yard .  Grim agrees it is time to start prosecuting dog owners who violate the law. “If we don’t start sending a message that it wont be tolerated, this place will always be extremely full,” said Grim as he stood in his new dog shelter.


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4 thoughts on “St. Louis: 10,000 Strays and Counting”

  1. I figure enforcing the law about mandatory leashes and fenced yards with fines, especially in the bad neighborhoods hinted at, will mostly result in greater numbers of dumped, abandoned or seized dogs.

  2. With the number of “Unwanted” animal population in this country that end up on Shelters and rescues across the county. As the breeding of canines and felines is and has been out of control with some individuals and corporations that truly have little regard to what happens to the animals once it is ‘sold’.

    Animals are being created as a product and sold as such. And there is trillions of business dollars generated by consumers owning a pet nationwide.

    If an animals actual breeder or commercial breeding facilty could be identified at anytime during an animals life. This could be one way to trace it back to who created the animal in the first place and sold it in a situation where it could be dumped or abandoned and made the financial responsibilty of the county and/or state. Make the animal’s breeder responsible and hold them accountable for what they have done to contribute to the unwanted animal population.

    Accountability and responsibilty. In my opinion this should be to those who created the animal in the first place.

    Local governments and Tax payers have been and are footing the bill of these breeders and/or commercial breeding facilities that have sold animals that sometimes end up in a sheter situation.

    Proposing a “Dead Beat Breeders Act” in my opinion would not be a bad idea. If a breeder or commercial breeding facilty’s puppy or kitten they have previously sold ends up in a shelter. There should be someway that allows them to track down the breeding facility of that particular animal. Charge them the all the fees of sheltering, food and medical care.

    With today’s technology it would not be invasive, uncomplicated or difficult to implement. It could be the mandatory registration of a tatoo or microchip of each and every animal produced so it could be readily identified throughout its entire life.

    Sorry for such a long comment.

    Make those that breed accountable and responsible for what they produce for the lifetime of that animal. No matter what.


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