An Unnamed Hero


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From what I can tell, few saw the article that ran in the Las Cruces Sun-News on the third of December. There were no follow up articles that I could find, and none of the dogs sites that I regularly visit made mention of the story. I wish I could tell you more of it.

While additional details about the death of Lynne Moore may not be published, no foul play is expected. The body of the 39 year old New Mexico woman was found in an icy ditch near her home. It is believed that due to health issues (including back and hip problems), she was not able to scale the walls of the ditch and subsequently perished from exposure when temperatures dropped at night. It has not been determined if she fell into or entered the ditch intentionally.

What is known is that she had been in the ditch for days, and her body was found when a teenager approached and attempted to pet her dog. While we may never learn the name of this furry companion, this is a tale that bears repeating if only for the obvious lesson in dedication.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Cory Tanner said little, yet just enough. “One of the kids in the neighborhood saw her dog sitting near the ditch for the last few days.”

Aside from the obvious anguish one feels at reading the above, I am curious and cannot help but ponder where that dog is tonight, where it will end up. I wonder if it knows what really happened the day it lost its owner. Most of all, I wonder if its new owners will know that they share a home with a devoted,  heartbroken hero.

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