St. Louis Considers Mandatory Spay, Neuter Law

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The city of St. Louis is weighing a proposal that would require residents to spay, neuter and microchip their pets.

In an effort to relive overcrowding at shelters and reduce the stray population, an aldermanic committee granted initial approval to the bill last week, which would also ban area pet stores from selling dogs and cats.

The bill was introduced by Central West End Alderman Lyda Krewson. Aldermen also considered and ultimately rejected a proposal to give $250,000 in tax payer donations to Stray Rescue, the nonprofit dog shelter run by Randy Grim. Stray Rescue is the city’s only official dog shelter so the refusal to fund it is perplexing.

Grim was not happy: current construction at the shelter could be suspended or substantially delayed, and he said he may have to stop answering residents’ calls for assistance with loose animals. That would be especially bad news for the city’s stray population given Grim’s substantial efforts to date.

25 thoughts on “St. Louis Considers Mandatory Spay, Neuter Law”

  1. drives me nuts. There are VERY legitimate health issues with spaying and neutering, especially too early. Microchips, well, I have mine chipped but there are health concerns with that too. Why do we have to assume all owners are irresponsible and make it harder for the responsible ones to actually do what is best for their dog.

  2. @rosemarie…..the only way to stop killing pets is to have humans step up and actually take responsibility. My pets are all spayed and neutered, but thats the choice I made…and I know plenty of people who have intact animals and are responsible…that is fine too. No pets are being put to sleep because some are left intact in responsible homes

  3. Totally agree, we are killing thousands each week in the UK and its all because of irresponsible back garden breeders wanting to make money. All breeders should be registered, subject to standards and annual checks.

  4. stupid stupid stupid. laws like this do nothing to fix the actual problem. Society wants instant gratification with no strings attached, so out sprout the irresponsible BYB to fill the nitch selling dogs and breeding rights to anyone with enuf money. from there, the whole situation spirals outa control and we wind up where we are today. manditory sputer will not stop crap breeders from breeding and irresponsible people from buying the haphazardly bred pups. a much better way to go would be to demand and require all breeders to be responsible for the pups they produce. If pups were required to go back to the breeder and not the pound, bybs would place pups much more reasonably, or better yet, leave the biz. responsible breeders already do this on their own.
    As a responsible owner/exhibitor/breeder of great danes, I GREATLY oppose these laws. laws like this are detrimental to the health of the dogs. sputering too young WILL mess up their growth, even in some cases causing them to be crippled. My pups are NOT to be sputered before 10 mo! Guess none of my pups will be going to St Louis! Same goes for the LA area wen they passed their rediculous 4 month old manditory sputer.


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