STATIC: The Hottest Look in Winter Fashion

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Fang’s new humans seem to be very enamored with his doggy-hair do.  He just can’t SEE what it is about about his haircut that has them laughing and rolling on the floor, but what does he care?  He gets all the lovin’ and attention because of the humans odd affinity for doggy-updos!  That’s a fair trade in our book.

9 thoughts on “STATIC: The Hottest Look in Winter Fashion”

  1. I have had somebody do this on my hair, and it didn’t sting me or hurt. In fact, people do it to their kids all of the time. I have also been shocked, and have accidentally shocked my pets (static electricity) when I went to pet them and it shocked them for whatever reason, which is not the same … Animals are not toys, but they do like being played with, they don’t know the difference, nor do they have a clue that being laughed at its a bad thing, you don’t like being laughed at so you’re projecting your feelings onto them.
    I am ALL about the animals so if I thought for one second this was cruel, I’d be saying something. Lighten up people, no harm here! 😀


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