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Disabled Dog Mom Desperate to Save Her Baby from Cancer

by Melanie

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3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain1


Amanda Bennett is a long-time animal lover and has donated to many rescue groups over the years.  She is disabled from a car accident that left her with a broken neck, and now she needs some help with her beloved eight-year-old pit bull, Cain, whom she’s had from the time he was a puppy, along with his brother, Able (not Abel).

This comes from Cain’s fundraiser page:

My name is Cain and I am a very loving eight-year-old dog. I have always been a very healthy dog. I get all my shots and even get my teeth cleaned. My mom takes great care of me, but I got sick in December 2014 and everything started to change.


3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain9

See, on December 3rd, 2014, I was diagnosed with a mast cell (cancerous) tumor. My mom found a lump on my hip and took me in to the vet at Banfield to have it looked at ASAP. The vet took a biopsy and it came back cancerous. My vet Dr. Ravi was able to perform surgery and removed the tumor. We thought we were all good and went home to heal. However that was not in the cards for us and that’s when everything started to go wrong.

After surgery I had six follow up appointments due to popping stitches, fluid build-up and placing a drain. I finally got my “all clear” on January 4th, 2015 and I was finally healing up nicely. After a couple of days I began to get my playfulness back as well as my energy. However, that did not last long….



3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain5

On Monday, January 26th, while jumping up on the couch to snuggle I broke my CCL (ACL in Humans). My mom rushed me to the vet at Banfield to find out I would need another surgery, a TPLO. We also found out our regular vet was not able to perform the surgery so we were referred out to Blue Pearl. Blue Pearl is an Emergency and Specialty Vet here in Tampa. My mom got the earliest doctor appointment she could set for Saturday, Jan 31st.

However on Thursday morning January 29th, I fell really sick and had to be taken to the emergency vet at Blue Pearl. They were able to stabilize me and then had to check me for any new cancer. They performed an ultrasound, blood work, x-rays, even a biopsy of my spleen. They were all reviewed and showed all my internal organs were clear. They also found I had two new small lumps that would need to be removed as they were too small to biopsy – one on my belly and one on the leg with the broken CCL. Once the ER doctors were sure I would be ok, they sent me back home to wait for my other appointment.


3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain8


On Sat Jan 31st, I saw the orthopedic doctors and they decided I did need surgery ASAP to remove the two small lumps and to repair the knee (CCL). The doctors did not want to wait and I went immediately into surgery on Saturday Jan 31st. The surgery went well, my knee was repaired and the two small lumps were removed. Dr. Salas sent them off to be tested to see if they were cancerous. I am now at home resting and hopefully finally healing up! The vet said I should make a full recovery and get back to my playful and loving self soon.

Unfortunately though my mom is disabled and had no choice but to charge these surgeries on her credit cards to save me. I maxed out her Care Credit account so the last surgery (TPLO) had to be paid by another credit card. The total for all the surgeries and vet visits is around $5,800, all in the last two months. My mom is not able to work from breaking her neck in an auto accident and the many complications that came along with it.


3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain4


See, I was there for her through all her surgeries and recovery. I did my best to help her heal and recover. Now my mom is trying to do the same for me. So she is now in need of help to cover my vet bills. We are asking for any help no matter how big or small. If it’s possible for you to help us pay my vet bills we will be forever grateful. So please, even if it’s only a dollar, every dollar will help. We will be posting updates on my progress and recovery. We greatly appreciate any prayers, shares and donations towards my recovery and vet bills.

Thank you and sincerely yours,

Cain and his mom Amanda

If you can help in any way, please click here.  You might want to visit the site just to see more adorable pictures of Cain and Able.  You can also follow them on Facebook.


3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain6



3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain11


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3.6.15 - Fundraiser for Cain7