Stolen Dogs Raise Suspicion of Dog Fighting Ring

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Residents of  Oxford County, Maine are keeping a watchful eye on their pets after 8 local dogs were snatched by thieves. As if losing a pet were not painful enough, a local animal control officer believes the thefts are linked to a dog fighting ring causing even greater concern about the fate of those already missing, and prompting vigilance on the part of local pet owners when it comes to protecting their four-legged loved ones.


“Pretty upsetting, it’s definitely inhumane.” said Rebecca Brown. The dog lover says she fears for her own animals’ safety.

Officers point out that most of the dogs that have gone missing are Pit Bulls or other large breeds – and say that while they are working on leads, any tips from the public are appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Stolen Dogs Raise Suspicion of Dog Fighting Ring”

  1. This is so heartbreaking for all the owners of the dogs that were kidnapped.

    I say set a trap for these trolls and CATCH THEM!

  2. I wish that more was being done to stop this! I hope for the best and will be willing to sign a petition calling for the DEATH PENALTY for anyone invovled in dog fighting. I will pray for the safety of the dogs. This is such a sad story.

  3. Another argument for your dog being a part of the family, in and out the door with you, not left tied or fenced outside without supervision. Dogs are the equivalent of a two year old child for all their lives…no one leaves a two year old child out on his own.

    • Some dogs enjoy the outdoors in fact some are made to be out doors as much as possible. yes some breeds like a shih. or malt. are not ok to be left outside. but dogs like a border collie or shep LOVE being out doors. Why not let them do what they love? i see no problem with that if they are on a lead and safe. you cant live your life in such crazy fear (well oviously the people in that area should right now) that you dont let you dog enjoy himself. I heard something about how a bunch of people got killed in IHOP ..just cause they were there at a bad time. a crazy man came in and shot them then himself … does this mean i should not bring my 2 year old out to eat ever again? and as far as im concerned a well trained dog is FAR from a two year old.

  4. Dogfighting: best argument yet for imposition of the Law of Hammurabi – that would be eye for an eye punishment for the guilty. Best.Visual.Ever: dogfighters being used as bait themselves.

    There is a very special place in hell for those who steal dogs for any reason and unfortunately it’s not always for dogfighting sometimes it is theft for resale to experimental laboratories. And sometimes for ransome.


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