Trailing Happy Dog

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“Several times this week I’ve ridden the Arrow Valley cycle route in Redditch to get to work. I keep following this guy and his wonderfully joyous dog. I love the way the dog keeps looking back at me and almost laughing. He’s so happy to run like this I just had to share it. Compiled from runs on two separate days. I hate to overtake them.”

11 thoughts on “Trailing Happy Dog”

  1. I love this video. Such joy and what a wonderful place to ride and run in. Thank you for this moment of joy. I wish all animals had such a good life.

  2. I really like how well trained the dog is. Thus why he’s a happy dog and gets to go so much with his partner. And the fact that his partner is thoughtful enough to go just fast enough for the dog to jog most of the time is great. When you go to pass and the dog shifts to the other side of the bike, so nicely done on the dog and partner’s part. This one rates a smile for sure.

    • my JazziBear /shep/lab was like that from day 1.She passed,& then I got RosieBear,who was an Anotolian Shepard & they both loved people& runs all over.Never trained.


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