Stolen Pit Bull Is Reunited With Owner

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Lily was stolen outside a Brooklyn convenience store.

After going missing earlier this week, Lily, a grey and white pit bull, has found her way home and her owner, Lauren Paige Richeson could not be happier!

It all began after Richeson made a quick pit stop at a local New York convenience store in Brooklyn. Richeson attached Lily’s leash to a pole, while she ran in to pick up a few things. To her horror, Lily was gone when she came back out.

It is believed that Lily was stolen, after onlookers witnessed a man in a red shirt dragging Lily by her collar.

Lily’s disappearance started a three day, community wide search that got a ton of publicity within the neighborhood. Richeson spent every waking minute looking for Lily, as she rode around on her bike searching for the dog and posting flyers everywhere she could.

It was a devastating loss for Richeson, who had adopted Lily three years ago from a pit bull rescue organization.

“Part of me had accepted that I was never going to see my dog again,” said Richeson,  “It’s a crazy city and the chances of getting a pit bull back in Bushwick are slim to none.”

Lily was found after being dropped of at a shelter in East New York by an unidentified man. The shelter will not release the name of the man.

It is unknown how Lily made her way to East New York, however, Richeson is convinced she didn’t get there alone.

“It’s about five miles away and the terrain is impossible,” said Richeson.

Richeson states Lily does not seem overly bothered by the ordeal.

“She had no idea what went on,” said Richeson. “She was like, ‘Okay, time to go home,’ and came home and got in her bed.”

Richeson is so happy to have her companion, Lily back home.

Richeson is determined to find the man responsible for kidnapping her beloved Lily, as she pushes police to investigate. It is hoped that video surveillance will provide enough clues to find the perpetrator.

Happy to have Lily home, Richeson is now concerned with buying enough ice cream for all the kids in the neighborhood who helped search for Lily.

“I can’t believe the way people rallied together,” said Richeson. “I thought it was going to be just me and my roommate searching, but people really cared. It put my faith back in humanity.”

4 thoughts on “Stolen Pit Bull Is Reunited With Owner”

  1. As the poster before me said, she is lucky to have gotten him back. Knowing how often these dogs are stolen and abused, either as fighters or bait, and leaving him alone even for a few minutes seems thoughtless. The person who grabbed the dog should be found, certainly, but it sounds as though the owner has not yet grasped that *she* put her dog in danger.

  2. isnt the purpose of having a dog to take it with you? to let it explore? i am a single girl living in brooklyn for christ sake. and Lily is a better deterrent than pepper spray let me tell you that. and i should be able to take my dog with me anywhere i want with out the fear that evil heartless people would steal her. that is not the world i live in. i think the better of people, until they show me otherwise. but thanks for the suggestion. all that matters is lily is home safe!

    • Oh dear my mistake, I thought Lily was your much loved companion/pet,however it sounds like she is just for your protection because you are afraid to walk alone in your neighborhood. Yes take your dog everywhere but do not leave it tied up outside to fend off evil heartless people who are more likely to harm an innocent dog than a single woman. Maybe you should stick to pepper spray or a gun. I am really sorry for Lily that you have not learned about the world you live in from your recent experience.


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