Woman Saves Dog After a Year on the Run

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gypsy dog

A New Zealand dog that has been homeless and on the run for over a year is finally safe in a foster home thanks to one very patient woman who befriended her and gained her trust.  The dog, am 18 month old greyhound cross, had been named Gypsy by those who knew her and she proved to be very elusive and resisted all attempts to be caught, until now.

The woman who managed to finally slip a leash around Gypsy’s neck after a year of wandering around Paengaroa township then put in a call to Mana Rescue. Tania Llewell responded to the call and found Gypsy a foster home where she will learn to be a pet again.  “She’s been on the run for so long she’s scared of people and doesn’t really know much about being a dog anymore,” said Llewell.

Mana rescue had been on the lookout for Gypsy for some time and had even set up a Facebook page for her so that people could post updates on where she was seen and how she was doing.   Llewell says they will continue to update the page so that the community that watched out for her for so long can see how she is doing.  “Everybody’s got behind her and been feeding her for the last few months so it’s been really good.”

It will likely take at least 2 months before Gypsy will be accustomed to her new life and ready to go to her forever home.  She will also need to spayed and vaccinated, but when that is all done Llewell says she will be taken back to Paengaroa so the people that supported her can have a visit.  Many people had reported Gypsy to animal control over the year, mainly because they were concerned for her safety as she never displayed any aggressive behaviour.  Gypsy will surely end up with a wonderful home, possibly with Llewell who happily says “I’ll probably end up taking her in if all goes well.”