Stray Dog Walks 100 Miles Searching for Love

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A stray dog from Rivadavia, Argentina, found her forever home with an elderly couple who took her in when she was in need. She was pregnant and malnourished, and after being nursed back to health and helped delivering her pups, the dog and her babies were placed in new loving homes. However the stray wanted to stay with the Good Samaritans who initially took her in, and the pet walked 161 kilometers (about 100 miles) to get back to the house she determined was her forever home.



The stray’s name is “Negrita” (Spanish for black), she was roaming the city streets of Rivadavia and due to her advanced pregnancy and under weight state, the elderly couple who found her took her home. They cared for the momma dog and helped her deliver her babies. Once the puppies were weaned, they were re-homed to loving responsible homes.

Negrita felt at home with the elderly couple, but her humans felt they were too old to own a dog. They contacted a friend living in Jáchal and made arrangements to transport the dog to her new home.

Two weeks after re-homing Negrita, the dog disappeared from her new home. Her new owner searched for her but was unable to find her. Weeks later Negrita showed up in Rivadavia again.

Determined to get back to the humans, Negrita walked from Jáchal to Rivadavia until she arrived at the elderly couple’s home. She was exhausted, hungry, skinny and hurt. Her paw pads were worn out from the long distance trek and after drinking water the dog found a comfortable spot in her home and slept for 24 hours.

The elderly couple contacted their friend in Jáchal to tell him Negrita was back with them. The man offered to pick her up and bring Negrita back to his house but the senior couple said Negrita was staying with them.

After walking 161 kilometers (about 100 miles) to get back to where she felt safe, there was no way the elderly couple were turning their back on her. Negrita was home to stay!


130 thoughts on “Stray Dog Walks 100 Miles Searching for Love”

  1. To the elderly Couple who took in Negrita; Thank you for caring for this beautiful Animal who obviously knew that you will take good care of her. Sadly there are not enough good people like you around and I know Negrita will be forever thankful to you.

  2. A relative and wife had a beautiful small dog and decided it was too much for them since they both worked and couldn’t spend time with it They gave it away. The new owners called them and the dog wouldn’t eat or drink. They went and brought the dog home, only to give it away a second time. The dog died just a few days later of a broken heart. Never forget, they have feelings and grieve as we do. I felt so bad for the loving pet and how unloved he must have felt.


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