Dog Visits Owner’s Tombstone Daily

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Everyday, a dog from Cañada de Gómez, Argentina, visits the cemetery where his owner is buried.

Cemetery workers have captured pictures of this loyal four-legged friend coming to the graveyard every day. He stands in front of his owner’s last resting place and pays his respects.



Witnesses say the dog visits his deceased owner for hours and at times the dog whines or cries for the human that is no longer with him. At the end of the day, the pet leaves the cemetery and comes back the next day.

This dog is not the only one in the country that frequents burial grounds. There are two other known cases across the nation. Those other two dogs are known as Captian and Alicio.


128 thoughts on “Dog Visits Owner’s Tombstone Daily”

  1. wish human being could do same level of respect to other human.we should learn something from other creatures!

  2. Please find out and let us know if this poor loving pet has a new home. Special love for his owner. If he is a stray, someone have a heart and give him a loving home. He certainly deserves to have a forever happy home.

    • Oh Dear God…I agree. You bring us these heartbreaking articles, yet, you always seem to forget to give us details about the status of these beautiful creatures. So, we walk away not knowing if this baby is OK…..pisses me off. I guess it’s my own fault for reading the story in the first place. But, still disappointing on the part of the author.

  3. Sounds just like “Greyfriar’s Bobby”, a small dog in Scotland who visited his master’s grave every day until Bobby died. When that happened, the caretaker of the “kirk” (Scottish for graveyard) had Bobby (secretly) buried within the same graveyard (not really allowed). Visited there in 1997. Walt Disney immortalized Bobby with a movie back in 1961. Really touched my heart. What loyalty!


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