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Stray Dog with Belt Embedded in Torso for Five Years Finally Rescued

by Melanie

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12.27.13 - Nemmy - Belt in Torso1

A stray dog in Houston, called Nemmy, had a belt or leash wrapped around her torso, which had become embedded in her skin, causing infection. After eluding capture by neighbors, rescue groups and even animal control for years, she was finally caught, and has been comfortably recovering in a foster home for the last two months.

For what seemed like an impossibly long time, people hoped they could catch Nemmy and get her the care she so desperately needed. But time after time, the skittish, flea- and tick-covered dog evaded potential rescuers. Finally, in October 2013, she was caught.

Nemmy has been trapped by Kevin Miller this afternoon and she (yes, she is a girl!) is now staying overnight at the vet’s office until tomorrow, where they will work on removing the leash first thing in the morning. She is scared of course, but we haven’t handled her to know how she reacts to human touch yet,” said a post from Facebook user Jennifer Anne. “GREAT NEWS: Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization – Houston, Texas has accepted Nemmy into their adoption program! From this point forward, please make all online donations via their website: and note that the donation is for Nemmy. We are unsure what her medical expenses will be just yet, but we expect them to be hefty. Thank you for any small contribution you can make. Nemmy will be going to a foster home here in Houston where she will stay with Debi and her two dogs, yet have her own room to recover and heal. Once she is healed and spayed, Nemmy will be available for adoption to a loving family through Friends for Life. Please consider helping her start the next chapter of her life with you. Thank you all!”

12.27.13 - Nemmy - Belt in Torso2

Jennifer and Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization continued sharing updates, allowing Nemmy’s supporters to breathe long-awaited sighs of relief.

“Nemmy is out of surgery and doing well. The nylon leash that was tightly tied under her belly has been surgically removed. The leash did not cut all the way through to her organs. The blood panel shows that her organs are functioning well, urine is clear, and she is a little anemic. No xrays are planned b/c the organs seem to be OK, though the leash caused her organs to be pushed to one side or the other. Surprisingly she didn’t have any maggots in the wound. She will require more surgery after this one, as some areas are being stitched up, but some cannot be stitched yet because there is so much dead tissue that has to slough off first before they can close it up more. She appears to have had puppies at some point in her life. She has heartworms and tapeworms. She is estimated to be 3-5 years old; her teeth look good. The vet is not going to wrap her belly, as she has already been through enough. She will have to wear an E-collar (cone of shame) to prevent her from trying to chew her stitches. She never really growled at all through all of this, and the vet thinks she is going to make someone an awesome dog once she is well and healed. She can go home to her foster home this evening!”

12.27.13 - Nemmy - Belt in Torso3

“Much thanks to Dr. Mark Gasaway and his staff of angels at Yale Vet Clinic, 1610 Yale Street in the Heights for helping to save Nemmy’s life! If you would like to donate to Nemmy and other dogs like her, please make online donations via the Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Center website: If you would like to adopt Nemmy and give her the pampered life she deserves, please email the Friends for Life Adoptions Manager at: [email protected].”

Monday Update: I went and visited Nemmy in her medical foster home this evening. She has come a long way in just the 6 days since she has been rescued,” Jennifer said. “Don’t get me wrong, she is still scared and terrified of the changes happening around her, but Debi Bradshaw is being patient with her and not forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She tries her best to keep Nemmy on a schedule, but sometimes Nemmy just refuses to leave her crate to go out to potty, and holds it.”

12.27.13 - Nemmy - Belt in Torso5

Nemmy has developed quite the fan base. We appreciate everyone rooting for her and continuing to inquire about her progress. Medically, Nemmy is doing well and her wounds have healed nicely,” said FFL. “Our volunteers and staff have been working on socialization at the pace she sets. As any dog who had been mistreated at the hand of a human would act, Nemmy is still hesitant of people. In a room set up all for her at the shelter, volunteers have been taking turns reading aloud to her. This helps Nemmy get used to the sound and presence of humans. She is not ready to be touched or petted but we’ve seen her playing with toys, walking around and sniffing humans. The progress is slow but tremendous. As our behaviorist Melissa puts it “the fastest way is the slowest way.” We will continue to help Nemmy at her pace and keep you updated along the way.”

She let me stroke her head and ears for quite a while tonight (we took the lid off the crate) and she seemed relaxed. The small headway she has made in the few days is really such a milestone for such a terrified dog. I have high hopes for her transformation,” Jennifer said. “Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. With a possible one or two more surgeries to go, she still has a long road ahead. Again, if you would like to donate to Nemmy and other dogs like her, please do so online at and mention the donation is for Nemmy.”

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