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Hope for Paws Rescues Dog Living in Drainage Pipe

by Melanie

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12.27.13 - Frankie's Rescue1


Two weeks ago we brought you the story of Miley, the dog rescued from a trash heap by Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar.  Now we have the story of Frankie, who was rescued from a drainage pipe under a highway. It was only after the two rescues met that their healing process really began. Their sweet personalities shined through to create amazing transformations in formerly scared, neglected dogs.

Eldad received a phone call about a dog living in a drainage pipe under a busy highway in LA. He brought along Lisa Chiarelli to help. They blocked off one side of the pipe so the little black dog couldn’t get away. They followed him along the pipe on hands and knees, trying to earn the scared dog’s trust.

12.27.13 - Frankie's Rescue2

Frankie trudged along the dirty water, trying to get away. Terrified, he snarled at Eldad’s lucky leash, and desperately tried to get away once snared. But he was able to be scooped up and brought in for a bath and medical treatment.

12.27.13 - Frankie's Rescue3

Miley was another scared dog Hope for Paws had rescued. Understanding the kind of bond that only dogs like this could share, Eldad decided Miley should be paired up with Frankie to help him adjust to his new surroundings.

12.27.13 - Frankie's Rescue4

The two get along fabulously. Miley’s calm and loving demeanor brings out Frankie’s playful and affectionate side. Miley and Frankie, currently in Los Angeles, are now ready to find homes. To adopt Miley, please visit The Fuzzy Pet Foundation. To adopt Frankie, please visit The Forgotten Dog Foundation. But these two are so sweet as a pair, it would be such a pity not to adopt them together!