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Stray pit bull rescued by a news anchor


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pitbullA lost pit bull had been wandering outside a news studio in Toledo for days when anchorwoman Angi Gonzalez was able to catch the dog with her chicken dinner.

The dog had been seen around the area for a few days before Gonzalez was able to save the dog. Several people had attempted to catch the dog without any luck. Gonzales used a gentle approach and her dinner as persuasion to successfully get the dog.

The dog was taken to Lucas County Dog Warden’s office. No microchip was found and they were keeping the dog on a “3 day hold” until 6pm Thursday for her owners to claim her.  No owner came forward by that time and the dog was prepped for adoption.

As the story got out an owner was found. It turns out the pit bull not only had an owner but two five week old puppies. The pit bull will be reunited with her family and her puppies.