Students Help Rescue Puppy from Trunk of Teacher’s Car

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oakleyA Florida teacher is facing animal cruelty charges after students spoke up when they saw he teacher put a puppy in his trunk.

Matthew Emans is a teacher at the Gateway Charter High School in Fort Myers, Florida. On Friday morning two students saw Emans take the puppy on a walk and when he was finished put the puppy in the trunk of his car. The students quickly ran inside and reported the incident to a resource officer.

Officials asked Emans to open the trunk and the 4-month-old puppy was found gasping for air in the hot trunk.

“The trunk after it had been opened for fifteen minutes was still registering 97 degrees,” said Ria Brown with Lee County Animal Services.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services took custody of the puppy and have charged Emans with misdemeanor Animal Cruelty under Florida State Statute 828.12. Emans could be sentenced to up to one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine if found guilty of the charge.

The puppy is available for adoption and interested adopters can complete an online application at

13 thoughts on “Students Help Rescue Puppy from Trunk of Teacher’s Car”

  1. Why, Why would he do that? He surely knew it would kill the dog.
    The students are to be commended for sure. I hope they are ok, they are
    probably distraught over what he did. So sad. I am sure he has done this before.
    Dumb ass

  2. I guarantee you he was training that dog for “Trunking”…I find it disturbing this POS is teaching kids. WTF is wrong w/ people!?!


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