Sugar the Survivor

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Sugar is a 2-legged miracle dog who was found in Taiwan more dead than alive. She overcame abuse, pneumonia, a badly broken leg, an unsuitable adoption family, brain damage and ensuing paralysis from being left on a rooftop without any shade. rescued Sugar, gave her a wheelchair, and just found her a new family. After all she’s been through, Sugar has nothing but love to give. Love for humans and for the other animals in her family.

With this video, we want to share the puppy love and spread the word about Strays like Sugar need Animals Taiwan, a fully volunteer driven organization based in Taipei. Animals Taiwan needs you to please help us help more animals like Sugar.

9 thoughts on “Sugar the Survivor”

  1. Poor Sugar. I’m so sorry she had to go through all that she went through in life. I only hope she has now found her forever, loving home. She deserves it! God bless the lucky family who has her now!

  2. I’dlove to see this video, but there is no “Play” button….can you help me? I see others have said the same thing….I did wait for a long time, but nothing came up………please help me….thank you. Linnea

  3. SUGAR is so lucky to have such a loving and complete home and the home is so lucky to have this brave ‘never-give-up-dog’ who chooses to find the good in her life and live it to the fullest possible for her!

  4. fight and never to give up, embrace life, love it.. beat all the odds define this wonderful dog heartwarming. and praises to the human who helped her be all these.


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