Surf Dog Ricochet Wins 1st Place at Loews Surf Contest

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Surf dog Ricochet took 1st place in the large dog category at the 7th Annual Loews Surf dog Competition in Imperial Beach Saturday. She also won 2nd place in the tandem division with actor, Cameron Mathison, and participated in one of the Guinness World Records Scott Chandler set…17 dogs surfing on one board. Ricochet was able to accomplish these feats with the help of her water handlers, David King, Austin King, and Jennifer Arave Volz.

4 thoughts on “Surf Dog Ricochet Wins 1st Place at Loews Surf Contest”

  1. Those dogs wouldn’t have stayed on if they didn’t want to. They were just maintaining their balances… You couldn’t get my dogs on there for anything, they sure wouldn’t have ridden all the way in.

  2. Dogs will do anything to please their masters, but I agree with Tony, none of these dogs looks like s/he’s enjoying this. Therefore, I didn’t enjoy it.

  3. The dogs are concentrating on keeping their balances on the board. They are not afraid. If they were, they wouldn’t be going back again and again.

    My brother used to take our black Lab windsurfing. She loved it. She couldn’t get out on the board fast enough, and usually stayed on longer than my brother did 🙂 .

    I have a German shepherd/husky mix that I occasionally take kayaking on the bay. And he loves that, too.


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