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“Susie’s Senior Dogs” is Finding Homes for Older Dogs


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Photographer Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” has become a sensation. While working on the project he met an elderly dog Susie and adopted her. Inspired by his experience of adopting a senior dog his girlfriend started a campaign called “Susie’s Senior Dogs” to help other senior dogs find homes. Using the popularity of “Humans of New York” they’ve been able to help many senior dogs find loving homes.

Stanton meets all sorts of interesting people working on HONY, but perhaps the most interesting subject he’s met so far is Susie.

“I had never seen a dog that was that interesting,” said Stanton. “I called her the greatest dog in New York.”

He posted her photo on HONY and Susie’s owner saw it. Susie’s owner came up to Stanton a week later and asked him if he wanted her.

The two had an obvious connection and even though she is 13 Stanton adopted her. The two have become inseparable.

Stanton’s girlfriend, Erin O’Sullivan, inspired by Susie started a Facebook page to help senior dogs find families. Stanton posted “Susie’s Senior Dogs” to HONY and it soon went viral. In just two days the Facebook page helped a dog 13-year-old dog named Nina find a home.

“It started informally without any kind of plan,” said O’Sullivan. “I wasn’t expecting for dogs to get adopted right away.”

The Facebook page was launched less than two months ago, but has already helped more than 20 senior dogs find families.

Susie’s Senior Dogs Facebook page can be found here.