Suspects Sought After Discovery of Pit Bull “Killing Field”

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According to authorities, dog fighting is commonplace in Pemiscot County Missouri, and police are seeking the person(s) responsible for running a local fighting ring after the discovery of a pit bull “killing field” in Hayti.

A total of nine dogs were discovered in a vacant lot on Sunday. Four of the nine were dead, and the remaining dogs bore tell-tale signs of fighting, their faces and legs scarred from countless battles fought for the sake of man’s entertainment. Rescuers returned the following day and discovered two more dogs – one dead, one clinging to life.

The Caruthersville Humane Society and Hayti Police are hoping the public will assist with information regarding the dogs and their owner. The Hayti PD can be reached at (573) 359-1259.

5 thoughts on “Suspects Sought After Discovery of Pit Bull “Killing Field””

  1. Again proving that banning a dog breed doesn’t work. There are still pitbulls there and being fought! I hope they don’t put those dogs to sleep just because of what they are.

  2. they will if its against the law to own a Pit…who is going to step up and say “hey thats my dog” sorry but these backwoods scumbags should be shot themselves if the legal system takes the time to catch who ever is involved. My daughter just move to Mo from Boston Ma. she and her husband work in a hospital, she can not believe how backwoods these people are down there……..nothing but farm after farm, miles of empty space…… disconcerning to alot. sad these poor pups are suffering in the hands of simple minded, scum, to get the all mighty buck or for shits and giggles….

    • Anonymous-
      We are not all back wood scum…name calling is childish and those farms feed your judgmental A__. And alot is spelled a lot!

    • Wow, you are ridiculously ignorant. What is wrong with “farm after farm?” Sorry to tell you, but those farms make the food you eat in your shrink wrapped, angry, crime ridden city world. I’d rather see “farm after farm” than “ghetto after ghetto.” (And yes, I grew up in a city, so I know about both cities and the country… I’ll take the country ANY day!).


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