Sweet Serenade: Adorable 8-Year-Old Sings To Foster Pit Bull

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Is your dog your sunshine?

Then this YouTube video, posted by Donna Masusock, is sure to hit you right in the feels as her daughter, eight-year-old Anna, serenades foster pibble Laila with her lovely rendition of the classic folk song.

Laila will be living with the family until June, when her owner returns from a one-year deployment with the Navy.

The Masusocks are regulars when it comes to dog fostering. Mom Donna told the Patch that Anna is an avid singer, particularly where the dogs are concerned.

“She’s probably been singing since before she could talk,” she said. “I think with the dogs it comforts them. They are in a different surrounding and it gives them the love and care that they need.”

15 thoughts on “Sweet Serenade: Adorable 8-Year-Old Sings To Foster Pit Bull”

  1. Omgosh I just can’t stop the tears. Such a beautiful voice from a beautiful careing lil girl. Even though she is being fostered till her owner returns you are making her feel loved and comfortable. Mom and dad you are raising a wonderful talented lil person. Just think of all the unlucky dogs that are not lucky enough to have a home to ho too.


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