Puppy on the Brink of Death Heroically Saved from a 130-Degree Car

6.22.17 Puppy Rescued from Hot Car6

If it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot on asphalt or to sit in an un-air conditioned car for a few minutes, it’s too hot for your dogs – leave them at home! <

German Shepherd Dragged Behind Her Owner’s Scooter Is Adopted by a Dog-Rescuing Priest

3.2.17 Dog Dragged Behind Wheelchair Adopted7

“I’m sure this Sunday everybody is going to want to see her,” Snipes said. “So if she’s calmed down enough I’ll bring her into mass with me.”

Dog Living in an Abandoned Apartment by Herself for a Week Could Not Be Happier to Be Adopted

12.14.16 Dog Living in Abandoned Apartment Couldn’t Be Happier to Be Adopted6

“She has no concept of a leash or a collar. She is scared, timid, nervous and shy. I’ve been showering her with affection. She has to be touching me at all times…”