Sir Patrick Stewart’s Love for His Foster Pit Bull Has Inspired Him to #GetTough on Dog Fighting

PIT BULL PARENTS – post selfies with your pibbles with the hashtag #GetTough to show your love for them and your stance against dog fighting! <3

Seeing Sir Patrick Stewart’s Love for His Foster Pit Bull Will Make You Squee With Delight

It’s really hard to say who is more in love…. perhaps this will become a foster fail!

First New York Pit Bull Police Dog to Receive Honors

Kiah had a rough start in life, but has since come into her own as the very first K9 officer representing the pit bull breed in New York State.

Pit Bull Pup Proves Pizza Power Propulsion

Meet Finn, one of the 367 survivors of a horrid dog fighting ring rescue, in August 2013, now living with his forever family and pizza!

Baylor Football Player Example of Possible Link Between Animal and Human Violence

The recent video of a Baylor Football player beating his dog, resulting only in a misdemeanor charge, makes it clear animal abuse education is needed.