Dog Volunteers Ball Retrieval Services at Golf Course to Raise Money for Shelter Animals

Davos and his human Al Cooper have started collecting lost golf balls, selling them, and donating all the money they make to a local shelter.

Ohio Teen Turns His Love for Dogs and Hockey into a Wildly Successful Business – and a Charity

“He sent us updates and pictures, administered medications and even cleaned the yard. As long as Whit is around we won’t be boarding our dogs anymore!”

Dallas Cowboy Buys Entire Table of Food to Help Shelter Dogs

Children idolize footballers for their athletic prowess, so it’s fantastic when their heroes do good deeds that make them truly worthy of such veneration.

Wait! Really? Yes, it’s Time to get Your 2017 Calendars & Support a Good Cause

It’s time for a new calendar. So why not check out some of the interesting ones helping support rescues? Lots of good eye candy…and some handsome men, too.