Render All of the Loving (and Treats!) Unto Caeser!

Caeser is our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day, and he comes to us from our friends at Val’s Pals in Katy, Texas.

Dog Defies All Odds and Miraculously Survives a Week in a Blizzard

“Our emotional reunion – when our eyes met in that stairwell – was beyond describing. He immediately started to whimper, and I started crying…”

Liz Was Starved, Frozen, Saturated in Urine and Is Unable to Stand on Her Own

“TAF was called about Liz after she was brought to a shelter soaked in urine, blinded by matted fur over her eyes, emaciated and unable to stand on her own.”

Woman Who Caught Teen Abusing His Dog Is Now Training Him How to Treat Dogs Properly

“I’m really excited about this, and maybe someday he’ll save a dog,” Randi told Life With Dogs. “Maybe someday he’ll be a tool and an asset for rescue.”

Search Continues: Recent Sighting of Utah Dog Missing in Vermont Brings Hope

In learning about a Utah man whose dog went missing when in Vermont, Brisson “…said to (her) husband, let’s get in the car and help him look for his dog.”