The Look on This Dog’s Face When She Realizes Her Family Is Not Coming Back Will Crush Your Heart

5.29.17 The Moment Dog Realizes Family Is Not Coming Back4

Sadly, this is the fate millions of animals face every year when they are brought into shelters. Most will never leave alive, because no one will come for them. <3

Dog So Happy to Be Rescued That She Split Her Tail Wagging It Has Now Been Adopted!

2.6.17 Dog So Happy She Split Her Tail Has Been Adopted8

“After her surgery, Sandy was as good as gold! She was wagging her new nubbin tail around and acted as though nothing had ever happened.”

UPDATE: Senior Dog Who Spent His Entire Life on the Street Has Been Adopted!

2.2.17 Cubbie Update Senior Dog Who Spent Life on the Street Has Been Adopted6

They say there’s someone out there for everyone, and though senior Cubbie, sick and set in his ways, would be hard to place, the perfect family was found for him.